You Can Change the World by Doing This…


“Every man in a big position knows in his own heart that forces entirely outside himself have played a large part in his making.” –Bruce Barton, 1942

I have new heroes that I’m learning more about now through the unearthed timeless wisdom and words of Bruce Barton and Robert Collier.

Thanks to Dr. Joe Vitale for resurrecting these men.

This is what I love about writing, books and the internet.

With these 3, one can immortalize herself/himself.

With these 3, you can change someone’s world.

With these 3, you can spark an ardent fire in someone’s heart.

Those of the ones currently living, and even those from generations you may never live long enough to see…

It truly is a desire from my heart so fervent to be able to create and contribute something as timeless, as moving, as world-changing as these greats have.

Imagine being able to weave together a few loving words. And with these, you get to magically turn one’s ailing world into a world he/she may have faith living in once again.

Here’s a personal experience of how words changed my world, but for the worse.

I remember when I was a child, every time I fell on my knees, and honestly communicated the pain and uncertainty I felt by crying, hoping that somebody could make me understand my situation so I feared it less, the people around me would instead laugh at me.

I interpreted it as I was stupid for crying and for making a mistake and falling.

They even made fun of me and told me:

“Hala! Lalabas yung tren tsaka pari jan!”

Translation: “the train and the priest will come out (of your bloody wound)”

It scared me shitless as f*ck even more.

From then on, my world changed into a world where I thought I couldn’t trust and rely on people for help. A world where if I was honestly expressing my pain and feelings, I’d be ridiculed.

Now here’s a personal experience of how my words possibly changed someone’s world and hopefully for the better.

A few months ago, I saw a child who fell on his knees and started crying.

I thought:

“This is such a wonderful opportunity to change someone’s world.”

So I came to him, rubbed his back and told him

“Hey, it’s ok. Everybody falls on their knees. I did too when I was your age. Look, I’m ok now, right? You’re gonna be ok too. The pain will go away. Does it still hurt?”

Slowly, he stopped sobbing and started looking up at me with those beautiful and seemingly questioning teary eyes.

My hope was that by doing that, i taught the kid that in this world, there were strangers you could trust.

And that it was ok to feel pain and express it honestly.

And that somebody didn’t judge you or make fun of you for making a mistake so as to fall.

And that somebody wanted to help you understand your situation. That it wasn’t to be scared of.

At the time, I thought I changed that kid’s world. 

But now as I’m writing this, I realize that at that moment, not only was that kid’s world changed. But I was also able to go back to my past and change my 7-year old self’s view of the world…

Do you realize the power and magic that words wield? 

As this is a blog, and not a Pulitzer piece, plus I’m sleepy as You in your bed with your lover(or ex-lover) on a Monday morning, lolz , I’d like to end this post with this man’s quote:

“Your job here on earth is to distribute certain God-given gifts—certain goods, certain services, certain abilities—to the end that the world may be more livable for your having been in it.”

–Robert Collier, my hero.

If you like this, feel free to comment and share. It just might help change someone’s world.

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