Goddess State of Being: Learn How to Tap Into Your Innate Goddess Power to Attract the Love, Life, and Money of Your Dreams

Foreword of: Goddess State of Being
Learn How to Tap into Your Innate Goddess Power to Attract the Love, Life and Money of Your Dreams.

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Hello You Goddess You!

Yes you. You probably don’t know it yet, because all our lives we’ve been hypnotized to believe a lie about ourselves that have disempowered us for eons, and kept us in the dark and low frequency emotions such as sadness, anger, pain, jealousy, anxiety, scarcity, greed, depression, regrets, being not good enough to have the things, lifestyle, money, romance and man of our dreams. Our society, media and traditional school system all conditioned our minds to look outside of us in order to measure our worth as a woman, and as a human being.

Society conditioned us to measure our self-worth with the material things we have or don’t have externally.

Traditional education system conditioned us to look and listen outside of us to know what is right instead of listen to our inner voice, our inner guidance, our intuition, the voice of our Soul.

All that stops today. From this moment on, I encourage you to look within, into your heart and into your soul, where your true worth and infinite potential are found.

Who are you as a soul? Who are you inside? Who are you in your heart? When you take off all your social masks, when you remove every material thing and title you think you own but more than likely owns you, when you stop playing the roles you’ve been playing, when you stop pretending, when you free yourself of all your fears of not measuring up to what apparently is the external standards of our world and other people who are also in the dark, If right or wrong meant nothing, if you weren’t so beat up by your regrets of your past, and bogged down by your anxiety of the future, and guilt and shame, if you had no fear to be your most honest self, who are you?
Who are you really? Close your eyes, feel your heart, and ask your heart “Who Am I in the deepest part of my heart and soul? What are the things that truly bring my heart and soul joy? ”

Whatever answer from that still small voice within you is, that’s who you really are. Sometimes, the answer comes as a quiet voice. Sometimes, they come as ideas or a picture in our minds. Sometimes,the answer comes to us as a feeling or sensation in our bodies.
That is our intuition, the language of our Soul, our Goddess State of Being. Our soul has access to Infinite Intelligence. Our Soul, or Goddess State of Being, already knows the path that we are meant to expand our growth, love and joy as a human. The challenge for us is to be courageous enough to always follow that voice moment to moment.

That voice that tells you not to do it when you know you are about to do something that harms others is your Soul. That inner voice that leads you to do things and go to places that will bring you joy, that is your Soul. That voice that tells you or makes your body feel good about being with a certain man and not other men, is your Soul. That inner voice that tells you you want to be an artist or a businesswoman even though people outside of you tells you to pursue other things, that is your Soul, your Goddess State of Being.
Many of us were led to believe that intuition is an extra 6th sense that only a few specially-gifted people could access. But that is another lie. Our intuition is the language of our soul. It is our bodies’ intelligence that is far more intelligent than our intellect. Our heart is the seat of our Soul. Intuition is our First sense as it comes from the heart. And as embryos, our hearts developed first even before our brains. Thus, intuition is something that we all can naturally tap into. And because animals have hearts, and their minds were not socially-conditioned to go against their nature, they are very in touch with their intuition and they don’t go against their nature. Dogs bark when they intuit danger. Cockroaches fly around when they intuit rain is coming. Frogs sing when they intuit a good weather.

What we call Genius ideas are but ideas that have been birthed by one’s intuition/Soul/Goddess or God State of Being by accessing the Infinite Intelligence. Our Genius contributuion is something that one’s Soul came on Earth for. We create works of genius as we live our dharma, or our Soul’s purpose.
When you operate your life from your own intuition, your own internal guidance, your soul, your own Goddess State of Being, instead of following what your society, and other people tell you to get their approval, acceptance and validation, you will live according to what your heart/soul truly wants. And the soul’s agenda is to grow in joy and love and contribute joy and love to everyone and everything and the world, the universe rather.
Imagine a world where everybody is living from the heart/soul, growing in and contributing only joy and love. Such world has no place for war, pain, anger, jealousy, sadness, scarcity, covetousness, unhealthy competition and comparison, inadequacy, violence, greed, etc.

I write this ebook as I have come from the darkest of dark, but which was a necessary place for my soul to have gone through so that I may know my light. For only in the darkness can our light shine its brightest.
Few years ago, I have been gang raped and got involved in a shrieking, and soul-shaking national scandal. As a child I had been physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused. The abuse perpetuated through my various romantic relationships, where one guy punched me in the head in front of my horrified mother and brother, and my crying child, pulled a gun at me and threatened to shoot me. As the universe meant for me to live through that, his bodyguard fortunately took his gun away from him. One guy choked me and illegally detained me. One guy kicked me and punched me while I was lying down with my 1 month old baby then and tried to take my baby and threatened he would give him away.

I have long forgiven my abusers and attackers, but what I had not been fully aware of for the longest time was how I hadn’t fully forgiven myself. How I had blamed myself for everything more than anything.
I have just recently started healing from all of that. I’d like to think I have fully healed but I feel healing continues. I see the purpose and gift of my darkness to my life&soul journey now. My hope is that the meaningful scars of my past may help other people’s wounds heal.

And as the light in my heart grows, and as I’ve tapped into my Goddess State of Being, my soul, my intuition, I’ve seen and felt a vision. A vision of a world where everybody grows in and contribute love and joy as our souls meant for us to. A world where all souls are happily united, pair-bonded and devoted to another soul who is their souls’ true choice and energetic match. A soul that makes one’s soul vibrate at a much higher and more joyful frequency than if it were vibrating alone. A world where there is somebody for everybody. And a world where couples are united by true soul level attraction and love, and not by our egoic needs, unfair expectations and greed, base sexual need or animal passion, and survival and replication. A world where couples relate to each other harmoniously. A world where everybody has actualized their True Divine selves, and thus feel, embody and live our Oneness.

My soul feels joy in being able to create and weave a world of words that can change another person’s dark and disempowered world to an empowered world of light, life and love. I feel like this is my dharma, my life purpose, the love and joy that my soul wants to contribute to the world as I continue to heal and grow loving of myself and others.

Will my vision ever turn into what we know as 3-Dimensional reality? I know deep within my Goddess soul, that in some alternate universe, my vision is already a reality. Recent discoveries in Quantum Physics, claim that various realities can co-exist at once in quantum level. The world in our imagination is but 1 of the billions of alternate universes. They say strongest reality wins.

And we all have the power to change our world to a loving world by just changing 1 person, and that is ourselves. When we tap into our innate Goddess state of Being, our soul, we inevitably turn into a loving person. And as we live in our natural state of love, watch how the world naturally gives us that love back. Watch how the man that your heart and soul truly desires give you love back. Watch how that money, career, and abundance you’ve always known deep within your soul you deserve, are magically attracted to you. Watch how you give yourself love and joy. Watch how the love and joy you consciously choose to experience in life add up moment to moment.

Everytime our egos experience pain or failure, it is our soul redirecting our egos and our minds to what the soul knows we are truly meant to be in and who we truly are meant to be and be with. It is our soul reminding us to return to our natural state of being unconditionally loving of ourselves and others.

Goddess state of being is being in your Divine Feminine Soul who operates from Unconditional Love for Self and Others.

To Pre-order, email me at wynnellearnstolove@gmail.com

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