2 Kinds of Soulmates : Twinflame (Main Bae) and Transitory Soulmates (Shawty)

Here is an excerpt from the ebook Goddess State of Being :Learn to Tap Into Your Innate Goddess Power to Have the Love, Life and Money of Your Dreams.

A woman can be perfect in looks, attitude, social status, education, profession, sex game, and due to these things, a man may want to be married to her or live with her for egoic reasons or for convenience for years while deep within his heart and soul still be yearning and searching for that one imperfect, potentially undereducated, broke, chubby woman who makes his soul come alive. The love of his life. His muse. That one woman who effortlessly inspires him to be a better man. Her mere presence propels him to greater heights of achievement. She births the Divine God within him, his Soul.

Thus, the term soulmates. For our souls know. Our souls are not ruled by the shallow ego-made rules of our external material world where one is judged as better than another based on material external things she/he possesses such as social status, title, money, looks, cars, reputation, etc. The soul does not judge. It just loves. And it gravitates towards its energetic match.

There are 2 kinds of soulmates. Our Main soulmate(Main Bae), and our transitory soulmates(Shawty) aka Woundmates.
Usually, transitory soulmates aka Woundmates are people who share the same wounds as us. For some reasons we are attracted to people with the same emotional quality as us, people who are just as wounded as us. Somehow our souls know that mirroring to us our own wounds through romantic relationship is one of the best ways to bring those wounds to the surface of our conscious awareness in order for them to be healed. The wounds you are aware of, you can heal. The wounds you are not aware of remains bleeding into your life without your knowledge.

Our transitory soulmates are gonna come to our lives to set our souls on fire at those moments. There will be joy to be had and lessons to be learned through them but they may not stay long. Once we’ve healed the wounds they were meant to mirror to us, once we’ve learned the lessons they were meant to teach us to support our growth and evolution, and they don’t heal and grow at the rate we grow, our energies may start repelling each other, thus, propelling us towards even greater love, even greater lessons, and eventually to our Main Bae. Someone whom we can grow in love with, contribute to the world with, and synergize with. That one person who makes for a bad Math equation where 1+1=1 Billion. That one person that makes you feel like everything that doesn’t make sense suddenly makes sense, and makes life even more worth living. Being with that person feels like it rights all the wrongs of the past. That one person that excites your soul and at the same time makes your soul feel at ease and at peace. That person that feels like your Soul’s home.

For some woundmates who heal and grow together, their relationship can evolve to a Twinflame. They were twinflames all along who also happened to be woundmates.

I have dated the whole gamut of men—handsome, fit,hunks, famous, rich, poor, broke, businessmen, intellectuals, models, professionals, doctors, lawyers, politicians, shiek, tengku, drug dealers, professional athletes, carnappers, smuggler, dj, spiritual energy master, actors, pick up artists, with hair, without hair, you name it, I dated it. Lol.

And this is what I have found. Soul level attraction has nothing to do with anything external. I have dated men that checked everything in my mind/ego’s checklist and felt no attraction in my heart for them. I’ve also dated men that my mind/ego judged as not good enough that I couldn’t even tell my friends about some of them, but I felt attraction in my heart for.

Thus, it is often said that attraction is not a choice—logical choice, that is. Deep lasting attraction is Soul-deep. It is a feeling. It is a singing and dancing of the soul. That is why they say love is blind. Love is blind to what the mind/ego values and sees externally. Love needs not see for it is felt.

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