Hello everyone who resonates with me and my blog posts!

I have committed to live a life of passion and purpose that is bigger than myself.

I feel deep in my heart that my purpose is to connect and share myself and all the love in my heart with you by sharing my own wounds and scars. By doing so, I hope that it helps heal your own.

My original plan was just to create this blog for women, as i am a woman and i know the pains and challenges women go through.

But then as soon as I announced the blog, i received heart-warming messages from gentlemen as well, with hopes that they too may find healing in my blog.

So i have decided to make it about everyone who may find value and hopefully love, a sense of belonging and healing in it.

We may all look different from the outside and we may choose to behave and express ourselves differently, but deep down in our hearts and souls, we are all connected and we all share a deep desire to truly love and truly be loved.

We have all experienced pains that God(or whatever powerful magical source if you don’t believe in God) meant for us to overcome and grow from, but a lot of times, due to lack of understanding, instead of growing through our pains, we may have felt diminished and thus, angered.

I was one of those people who allowed pain to make me feel angry and consequently, take it out on myself and other people by committing various self-sabotaging mistakes. I have allowed pain to turn me into somebody else I thought I needed to be in order to cope with the pain– somebody who did not feel pain, but only anger.

I have realized that if you don’t allow yourself to feel the pain, you turn yourself into something inhuman, like a robot.

…the gifts of pain…

One of the gifts of pain is that it reminds us we are human and because we all share this feeling, it also reminds us that we share something in common deep inside us, despite external appearances.

Once we understand pain and see the gifts they entail and honor its value, we won’t have to be scared of them anymore. Seeing the hidden value of painful experiences is also another concept I will be blogging about.

So if that is something that you feel in your heart will add value to your life, then stay tuned on this blog and my various social media account which links you can find below.

On finally understanding true love…

I have also realized that I have really only started understanding and learning how to truly love recently. I did not know that I did not know how to truly love before. (In psychology, not knowing that you did not know something is called “Unconscious Incompetence.”)

on taking responsibility…

When we experience heartbreaks, it is so convenient to think that it is the other person’s fault. It is the other person who broke or hearts. But did we even start thinking of what could have been our responsibility in all of that messy break ups or painful rejections? Did we even consider the possibility that maybe the lack of love we were receiving from the other person was a reaction to our own lack of love towards them or lack of knowing how to truly love? Did we even consider that our lack of love towards other people may be just a mirror of our own lack of self-love? These are some of the things I will blog about in detail in my upcoming posts.

Understanding heartbreaks…

Understanding heartbreaks and learning how to truly love will be some of the things I will post on here…

So if this is something that resonates with you, and you feel in your heart that this may help enlighten your emotional burdens, feel free to join me in this journey…

I am more than happy to share this life path with you…

I also hope that as I get closer and closer to love, I bring you with me and we all learn and live truly loving together…

Your Main Message

This is a safe place for us to share our hearts and souls to each other… As I share my own wounds and scars, I hope that it will help heal your own.

As I’d like to make this a space where we all can open up and just be our real vulnerable most honest selves and share its beauty and magic with each other, feel free to give your suggestions on how we can improve our tribe together. Your suggestions matter to me. You matter to me.

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